# About us 👥

# Transparent applications

Our applications & services are independent of the big five or any other 3rd parties.

We code everything with our bare hands in MVP style.

# Why?

Imagine for a moment that you do not need to think where your data is flowing while using an application, how it will be used, what would be sold to some 3rd parties? Sounds cool?


With our products you could sit back & relax. There is no hidden things.

In the other hand, we ❤️️ learning & coding, so why not? 🤘

# Who we are?

Just 2 developers from 🇭🇺 with a simple mission.

Regrettably, we are working on this mission after our day-time job, but one day, when we could do this in full time, it will be mindblowing. 💥

# How we doing it?

Are you interested in our work? We are blogging about it on DEV.to, follow us there!

# Support our work!

If you like what you read, you can support us on several ways.

  • We ❤️️ to hear your opinion! It helps us to improve our apps!
  • Help us to reach our mindblowing goal! Be a Patron!