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Fabricating cool applications with your coollaboration!

We ❀️️ ️️coding and the process of building cool, magical things just by sitting in front of huge displays and rolling our fingers on a keyboard.

The Mission πŸš€

A Place For Hope πŸ™Œ

We are building a magical place where you can find all you everyday apps & services, built and provided in a transparent way.

Fast As Lightning ⚑

We are using the latest technologies to make the best user experience as possible and to deliver new cool features in a blink of an eye.

Open Source πŸ––

We ❀️️ open source, the community and what it stands for, so we are trying to open source the most of our applications.

CoolLaboration πŸ—£

Every user has the possibility to shape our applications to make them even better!

Do you know how we work?

a guy using too much displays, that's sure

Incredible, right?