# About us

# The problem

It's frustrating how deeply we are bonded to large companies & most of the times we do not have a chance to use other applications, which are not related to them or not connected / sending data to them in background.

# A solution

# Independent of large companies & 3rd parties!

We are not connected to any 3rd parties who could potentially sell you data, but unfortunately we still need to use two.

# Privacy-centric!

We only collect and/or store the absolutely necessary information about you.
Every piece of data we collect and/or store is written down in our docs section, in a simple & clear way.

# Community-driven!

We are building them for the people & with the people!

  • We constantly request feedbacks about new features/applications.
  • We built an in-app Feature Board where you can add or vote for any suggestion. This lets us know what the community really wants!

Also, we are open to suggestions! Let us know!

# 3rd parties

Currently, two 3rd party services are used by us.

  1. Paddle.com - who is our payment processor at the moment.
  2. Mailgun - for sending emails.

# Support our work!

If you like what we are doing & you would like to support our privacy-first movement, you can support us in several ways.

# Share your suggestions