# About us

Our mission to empower people to use products that are:

# How we doing it?

By creating all the necessary services & applications in house.

It's a hard and rocky path, but as we love what we are doing, it's pretty awesome!

# Why we doing it?

We believe, everyone has the right to control their own online information and we would like to provide such place to do so with our products.

  • No hard to understand privacy policies. If we collect or store any information about you, it is written down in our docs section, in a simple way.
  • Not selling & sending any of your data to other companies or servers, never.
  • Not connected to any 3rd parties who could potentially sell you data, but unfortunately we still need to connect to some.

# 3rd party integrations

We use two 3rd party services, indirectly.

  1. Paddle.com - who is our payment processor at the moment.
  2. Mailgun - for sending emails.

While using our applications, you are not connected to any services which are not related to us. This ensures that we do not provide any of your data to anyone else.

# Who we are?

Hey, glad you asked! (or you didn't?)

We are just 2 independent developers from Hungary, who to code and decided to make bootstrapped side-project which aims to build products with the people and for the people.

Regrettably, we are working on it after our day-time job, but one day, when we could do this in full time, it will be mindblowing.

# Support our work!

If you like what we are doing & you would like to support our movement, you can support us in several ways.