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It's frustrating how deeply we are bonded to large companies. We use their products everyday. Rarely thinking of what we give them in return.

We allow them to collect & aggregate our personal information & do whatever they want with it!

They are selling literally to anybody who pays for it.
(+80% of Google's & +98% of Facebook's income is from targeted ads!)

Even if you keep yourself far away from their products, they are still able to collect data of you & your online behavior on any site where their services are integrated!
(+50% of all websites available online are using Google Analytics)

You & your user's should NOT be the products!

How we solving it?

With privacy-centric mindset
We never sell your data and respects your & your user's privacy.

We do not store any personal information, only the absolute necessary ones.
With trusted architecture
We do not use large hosting companies, instead dedicated servers from independent and reliable companies.

We do not send any data to 3rd parties. You would like to test it?

Try it with this awesome tool.
With a friendly business model
We are open sourcing all of our codebases.

This is our first step to be trustworthy.

To make it financially sustainable, we provide you a hassle-free, hosted but paid version of our products!
With hand-made services
All services used by our apps are carefully built by us & the community. This ensures that your data does not flows beyond us.
With an open community
Anybody could shape our products with their ideas! Literally anybody!
With cool technologies
We use the latest technologies, so we can build lightning fast apps and ship them in a blink of an eye!

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