# coolAnalytics Try it!

Fast, privacy-centric analytics for your most important metrics!

# Features

  • Automatic analyzing campaigns with the ref query parameter.
  • No cookies stored in the browser.
  • Easy setup.

# Why we created it?

We would like to create a good alternative to the analytics's out there.
We are not tracking users, just trends, in a GDPR & CCPA compliant way.

# What we collect?

In addition to the general data we collect during registration we collect the followings.

# How we measure unique visitors?

There are 2 ways to measure unique visitors.

# GDPR compliant way (default)

It means no cookie is used to determine if a visitor is unique or not!
We use hash algorithms for guessing the uniqueness. This means it is not 100% accurate, but compliant with GDPR & CCPA. There is no need for any cookie banner on your site!

# More accurate way

The other option is to set it "false". In this case, we place a cookie with a totally random id in the visitor's browser and change it every month. The random id could not identify the user itself, as we do not store any relationship between this id & the visitor. But in this case, it's more accurate than the default setting.

You need to have a cookie consent for your website in this case!

<script async defer src="https://cdn.coollabs.io/save.js" data-gdpr="false"></script>

# User-Agent

We collect, but store anonymized user agents in our database.
Why? To determine the visitor's browser.

What anonymized storing means?
We do not store your user agent as it is. Instead, we parse it & save only the required parts.
Only the browser name is stored.

# Timezone

We collect and store your timezone in our database.
Why? To measure the visitor's country.

# Screen Width

We collect and store your device's screen width in our database.
Why? To measure the visitor's device type.

# Usage

  1. Add the following line to the <body> tag of all HTML files where you would like to measure the visitors:
<script async defer src="https://cdn.coollabs.io/save.js"></script>
  1. Go to dashboard, add your site & validate it! That's all!

# Script configuration

You can use data attributes to configure:

<script async defer src="https://cdn.coollabs.io/save.js" data-gdpr="false"></script>

# In-App configuration

# I would like to see my visitors in a different timezone. How?

Go to Settings menu and add your preferred timezone for each sites. Default is GMT.

# For devs

Check out the code