# coolAnalytics Try it!

A cool trend analytics for your websites, without tracking users.

# How to use?

Include the following line at the end of your <body> tag:

<script async defer src="https://cdn.coollabs.io/save.js"></script>

Go to the main page of coolAnalytics, add your new site & validate it with DNS or HTTP methods & you are done.

# What we collect?

In addition to the general data we collect during registration:

# How we measure unique visitors?

Our client side script generates a totally random ID for every visitors and store it in their browser's localStorage. This ID changes every month for every browser.

It does not have any connection with your user / browser specific information, so we do not know which user has an ID at a given time.

Unfortunately, this means a cookie consent banner needs to be shown on your page.

# User Agent

We collect, but store anonymized user agents in our database.

Why? To measure browser types.

What anonymized storing means?

We do not store your user agent as it is. Instead we parse it & save only the required parts.

Only the browser's name is stored.

# Timezone

We collect and store your timezone in our database.

Why? To measure the visitor's country.

# Screen Width

We collect and store your device's screen width in our database.

Why? To measure the visitor's device type.

# Features

  • All incoming data are anonymized, so we are unable to track users!
  • Add a single file and you are done with the integration!

# For devs

See the code

# Why we created it?

We would like to offer a non-tracking analytics solution for everybody.


# I would like to see my visitors in a different timezone.

Go to Settings menu and add your preferred timezone for each sites. Default is GMT.